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Gaming and Streaming History In A Nutshell

Gaming in the year 2000’s was a bit odd for the gamers. In United States and other e-sports supportive countries, they found their way to see the monetary factor wherein gaming could emerge and provide numerous revenues. Tournaments and gaming organizations were made for each game where competitive spirit exists. From team games such as co-op, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), and fighting games, professional teams have existed due to advertisements and prize pools which attracts the players to compete.

Sysprex Pursuit For Success

SYSPREX and Our Pursuit for Success

We are launching amidst the pandemic. It was only late last year when our team started meeting and conceptualizing this business. Although we had already known each other for several years, none of us really thought that we would be able to put up this endeavor. We were just as ordinary as corporate slaves, having to render a regular 8-5 work shift. But what led us to pursuing greater goals is our drive for success.